The stands can be found in many events, concerts or gatherings, "Scaffolding Bleachers" provide a comfortable seat for the original scattered audience to watch the games and avoid the on-site congestion. It is greatly convenient to the organizer and also makes the viewing horizon wider.

The Scaffolding Bleachers developed by Liri Tent, it is not only used in tents but also used by other types of activities, allowing the audience to sit and watch the whole events. For this reason, the safety of the stands is even more important, regardless of the material. Or the installation, after many inspections and trials, to ensure safety.

The Scaffolding Bleachers are very flexible and can be disassembled and assembled everywhere, it is easy for customers to store and transport. The entire frame is sturdy and can be used for a long time. It is treated with care in detail. For example, each seat is made of environment-friendly materials, and the seats are ergonomically adjusted to be more comfortable for the audience.

The basic unit of the Scaffolding Bleachers bracket is 2m×1.8m, the length can be extended indefinitely, the height of the floor (the tabletop) is 400mm, the layer width is 900mm, and there are a variety of optional accessories for customers to choose, such as stairs, fixed base Seat, steel brazing, tensioner, and side fence. At the same time, we will measurement on-site and provide the most reasonable design renderings for customer confirmation.

stadium bleachers

We can make high-quality bleachers which are popularly used for big gathering parties and events, sports games and so on. Also, our bleachers are good and popular to be used in our clear span tent halls, such as in the equestrian game tents, church tents, magic show tents and so on. Compared with the auditorium, the bleachers have very good characteristics, as it is in safe and flexible design and can be converted to different sizes. Easy to install and dismantle and long lifespan, low maintenance.

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