A shape clear span tents Clear Span Structures  3x3 4x4 6x6 pagoda tents PVC Pagoda Tents  two story tents for events Two Story Tents tent event planning Custom Arch roof Tents pop up canopy tent Waterproof Canopy cassette flooring system Flooring System Clear span tents are great temporary event structures for almost every outdoor events including weddings, exhibits, and festivals. Our clearspan structures are available from high peak pagoda, regular A shape tents, arch roof tents, to double-decker tents. They also have many sizes with custom width ranging from 3m to 80m and unlimited length to accommodate different needs. Most clear span tents have an aluminum frame that is easy to set up with few workers. Additionally, you can make your tents outstanding by adding printed image and logos or choosing custom walls.

Clear Span Tents for Events

Clear span tents are usually assumed as a step up from the traditional aluminum frame tent, a much stronger tent for outdoor events. There are no interior center poles in the clearspan tent, which makes it a stunning event venue solution for you. These clear span structures are assembled with box beam aluminum frame and PVC coated cover. With the ability to withstand high winds and rain, these structure tents provide a well-secured environment for short and long term installations. Clear span construction is so flexible that can be installed with glass or hard sides and white or clear tops. Our tent accessories includes portable event air conditioners, folding chairs and tables, lighting, carpeting, modular flooring system, etc. clear span tent accessories clear span tent for event clear span tent for sale pvc clear span tent aluminum clear span tents

Clearspan Tent Specification (Download)

Clear Span (m) Bay (m) Eave Height (m) Top Height (m) Main Profile (4-channel)
20 5 4 7 204x120x4 mm
25 5 4 8 204x120x4 mm
30 5 4 9 300x120x5 mm
40 5 4 10.5 300x120x5 mm
50 5 4 12 350x120x5 mm
60 5 4 13.6 350x120x5 mm
Tent builder can extend the length of the event tent by 5m bay such as 15m,20m,30m,40m…Customized size and main profile are available. Just contact us for more.


PVC Pagoda Tents for Sale

Pagoda tents are made of hard pressed extruded aluminum frame and double PVC-coated polyester textile cover. That’s why these pagodas are waterproof, fire retardant and UV resistant. Together with ease of assembly and outstanding looking, the aluminum PVC tent provides a perfect solution for all kinds of events. This pagoda structure is not only a tent for a trade show, but also suitable for many different occasions including private gathering, corporate event, wedding, and party. Optional accessories for pagoda tents include folding chairs and tables, lighting, portable cooling and heating for events, carpeting, modular flooring system. pvc-pagoda-tent-accessories aluminum pagoda tents pvc pagoda tents pagoda tents for events pagoda tents for sale

Pagoda Tents Specification (DOWNLOAD)

Clear Span (m) Bay (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) Main Profile (4-channel)
3 3 2.5 4.3 65x65x2.5 mm
4 4 2.5 4.8 65x65x2.5 mm
5 5 2.5 5.43 65x65x2.5 mm
6 6 2.5 5.92 65x65x2.5 mm
8 8 2.6 5.36 122x68x3 mm
10 10 2.6 6.38 122x68x3 mm
Event organizer can use single one as a reception or join several ones using rain gutters to make a larger space. Custom size is available, such as 3x4m tent, 3x6m tent. Just contact us for a free quote.


Two Story Tents | Double Decker Tents

Two story tents, also known as double decker tents, provide a great opportunity to entertain clients with hospitality on one floor and sight-seeing on another. A two-story structure is a great venue solution when limited space is your only option. You can choose an interior balcony overlooking the first floor, or an exterior balcony to extend more outdoor space. two story tent accessories two story tents for events clear span two story tents double decker tent mobile two story structures

Double Decker Specification (DOWNLOAD)

Span Width (m) Bay Distance (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) First Floor Height (m) Main Profile (mm)
10 5 6.75 8.5 3.21 300x120x5
15 5 6.75 9.34 3.21 300x120x5
20 5 6.75 10.17 3.21 300x120x5
25 5 6.75 11 3.21 300x120x5
30 5 6.75 11.75 3.21 300x120x5
40 5 6.75 13.5 3.21 300x120x5
15 5 6.75 8.6 3.21 300x120x5
20 5 6.75 9.43 3.21 300x120x5
You can extend the length of this large outdoor tent by 5m bay such as 15m,20m,30m,40m…Custom size and main profile are available. All Two Story tents are engineered to resist the wind speed up to 100km/h. Just contact us for a free quote.


Arch Roof Tents | Custom Made Event Tents

Arch roof tents from Jiejian are one of the versatile and well-designed aluminum tents in the event rental market. We use high reinforced aluminum alloy for the frame of the arch tents and the fabrics are fire retardant double-side PVC coated. Aluminum arch tents are popularly used in:

  • weddings and parties
  • celebrations and festivals
  • trade shows
  • sporting events such as Golf Masters and Tennis Open
  • temporary or semi-permanent warehouse

aluminum arch tents accessories custom made tent for sale pvc arch roof tents arch roof tents for trade show aluminum arch roof tents

Arch Tent Specification (DOWNLOAD)

Span Width (m) Bay Distance (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) Main Profile(4-channel)
15 5 3.88 5.73 204x120x4 mm
20 5 3.88 6.53 204x120x4 mm
25 5 3.88 7.33 204x120x4 mm
15 5 3.92 5.55 204x120x4 mm
20 5 3.92 6.33 256x121x5 mm
25 5 3.92 7.15 256x121x5 mm
30 5 3.92 7.87 256x121x5 mm
You can extend the length of the aluminum tent by 5m bay such as 15m,20m,30m,40m…Customized size, main profile, and roof shape are available. Just contact us for more.


Waterproof Canopy Tents for Trade Show


  • The steel frame canopy tent was white powder coated. Its leg profile is 30x30x1 or 25x25x1 (mm) and the truss profile is 12x25x0.8 (mm) .
  • Made of high quality 6061/T6 aluminium alloy, the alu frame canopy tent is more durable and remarkable. Its leg profiles is 32x32x1.5 or 28x28x1.5 (mm) and the truss profile is 12x25x1.0 (mm).
  • The leg profile of professional alu ones is 36x36x2 or 32x32x2 (mm). And the truss profile is 14x27x1.5 (mm).

pop up canopy tent sale pop up canopy tent size Features

  • Setting up within one minute by two people.
  • Lots of color options and customized printing.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Widely used in outdoor exhibitions, trade shows, racing, product promotions, and celebrations.


Modular Cassette Flooring System for Tents

Jiejian Exhibition Equipment manufactures and wholesales a wide range of high quality portable products for any outdoor events. From event flooring, tent flooring, modular stages to dance floors, we have the right product to meet your needs. Our easily set up modular flooring system can save you valuable time on site. They are the perfect choice for outdoor tented events on grass, sand, synthetic turf, asphalt, and any other uneven surfaces. Event planners usually set up clear span tent outdoor for an event or a trade show. However, the uneven ground may get you into trouble that how to make visitors comfortable. In that case, more and more planners are choosing cassette flooring system, which fit the event tent perfectly.

  • Normal Wooden Flooring System: It is a modular system with fabulous look and slip-resistant surface.
  • VIP Cassette Flooring System: It is perfect for high-end events. Because its superior quality of 21 mm thickness membrane plywood and aluminum alloy border, it is absolutely safe and economical.
  • Ringlock Scaffolding Flooring System: It is specially for uneven ground.

cassette flooring system for tent If you want to Get A Free Quote for these clear span tents, chat with us now or type detailed product inquiry below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.