As we all know, the construction of any building pays special attention to the flatness of the ground, which will directly affect whether the site is suitable for construction. However, Liri has specially developed a scaffolding tent system for this situation, which not only effectively solves the problem of uneven ground, but also allows many projects to be carried out without restrictions.

Simple scaffolding platform system

Liri's simple scaffolding platform system, made of aluminum alloy material, effectively prevents corrosion from oxidization for a long time, and the simple installation procedure can be completed without equipment, convenient for transportation and storage, and can be repeatedly disassembled and recycled. The height of the scaffold can be adjusted freely. The application range is for any ground differences within 1.2 meters, and the starting height is only 0.2 meters. The installed scaffolding platform is almost seamlessly connected with the plane. The platform can weigh up to 350kg-600kg. The tent can be quickly installed without building stairs and raising the ground.

Double beam scaffolding platform system

There is also a double-beam scaffolding platform, which is suitable for the uneven ground or steep slope. The platform can be lifted up to 4 meters above the ground and can carry weight of 350kg-500kg, which is suitable for almost any uneven ground, slope and hills, so this double beam scaffolding platform system is suitable for a wide range of applications, even some outdoor concerts, stage, events, etc. can use this scaffolding system for better viewing experience.

Ringlock Scaffolding Flooring Installation Video

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