Jiejian Exhibition Equipment is the leading manufacturer and supplier of outdoor portable toilets in China. We are proud of offering portable sanitation systems for any outdoor occasion such as construction sites, trade shows, and events. These products serve as temporary toilet facilities and event planner can move them from location to location. If organizer serves guests alcohol or drinking water at the event, that will greatly impact restroom frequency.

For example, beer festivals goers will use temporary toilets much more often than the average construction worker. Our special event and construction specialists provide buyers around the world with perfect portable toilet services.

Plastic Portable Toilets for Sale

The plastic portable toilets are an ideal sanitation solution for temporary use, such as outdoor parties, weddings, gatherings, and more. Made of lightweight plastic material, these mobile toilets is ease of move by hand. Additionally, these flushable portable toilets provide guests a clean and welcoming space. We are proud of ourselves offering the highest level of customer service.

Plastic outdoor portable toilets fittings include flushing unit, squat or seated toilet bowl, waste tank and water holding tank, lockable door, exhaust fan, foot pumps, water tap and washing basin, light, ventilation pipe. Optional urinal, soap dispenser, and paper roll are also available.

Plastic Portable Toilet Specification (DOWNLOAD)

  • size: 115*115*230cm
  • weight: 105kg per unit
  • waste tank: 220L
  • water holding tank: 200L
  • optional colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and custom-made

Fancy Porta Potties for Sale

The deluxe porta potty is an ideal portable restroom option, especially for outdoor tent events and construction site. It is a custom vip portable toilet, which creates a better restroom experience for guests. Though it is for temporary use, you deserve both comfort and hand-washing.

Fancy porta potties fittings include flushing unit, squat or seating toilet pan, waste tank, lockable door, exhaust fan, water tap and handwashing sink, lighting, ventilation pipe. Optional urinal, soap dispenser, paper roll are available.

Fancy Porta Potty Specification (DOWNLOAD)

  • dimension: 115*115*230cm
  • weight: 110kg
  • large waste tank (220L) and water holding tank (200L)

Luxury Portable Toilets Trailers

If you are planning to add more than convenience to your upcoming events, consider the fancy porta potty trailer. This porta potty on wheels provides not only ease of move for organizer, but also comfort for guests. Its two separated entryways can be designated for men and women, which makes more privacy and reduces waiting time. Portable toilet trailers for sale from Jiejian are modern, fashion, and colorful. They are often used as a temporary toilet for trade shows, exhibitions, and outdoor events.

One mobile toilet unit can be able to hold enough sewage for 10 people during the course of 40 hours before the hold reaches unsanitary conditions.

Luxury portable toilet trailers fittings include seated toilet pan, lockable doors and windows, hand washing facilities (basin and tap), hand washing liquid dispenser, dual flush cistern, mirror, napkin box, fresh water tank and waste water tank, chassis, and ladders. Optional electric pumps, solar panel, PVC floor, decorative lines are available.

Portable Toilet Trailer Specification (DOWNLOAD)

  • Main material: fiberglass, stainless steel, EPS panel
  • Size: 430cm*230cm*304cm
  • Size of cabin: 245cm*115cm*227cm
  • Capacity of water tank: 210L
  • Capacity of waste tank: 450L
  • Weight: 420kg per unit
  • Easy to install.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Safe and weather resistant.
  • Hand carved design and anti-corruption.

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