Jiejian Exhibition Equipment manufactures and sells wide ranges of Portable AC Units for temporary use, especially for outdoor tented events. To meet various needs of clients, our heating and cooling systems are available from 2 ton portable air conditioners to 24 ton portable HVAC units. These portable air conditioning units will ensure that you can chill out or turn up the heat to whatever temperature is right for your guests.

We offer custom cooling and heating ventilation solutions for any outdoor sites, especially for event tents. We are here to help you to make it easy to create a comfortable environment for visitors.

24 Ton Portable HVAC Units

This portable HVAC unit is a compact air conditioning and heating machine. Its easy installation and convenient transport can bring you so many benefits in event rental business. If you are looking for tent coolers and heaters for large warehouse, event venue or exhibition center, the 24 ton mobile HVAC unit sale will be the first option. Whether it is 1000 sqm industrial area or a 5000 people large tent, these Tent HVAC Units can cover it up.

Specification (Download)

Cooling Capacity: 86kW / 288000Btu / 24ton Cooling Input Power: 35kW
Heating Capacity: 86.4kW Heating Input Power: 29kW
Cooling Air Flow: 16000m³/h Wind Pressure: 400Pa
Running Current: 60A EER: 8.4
Power Supply: 380V/3N/50Hz Application Area: 300 sqm per unit
Dimension (length*width*height): 2700*1100*3700 mm Weight: 1000kg

AC-specification-30P hvac

Portable HVAC Unit Features

  • The portable HVAC unit can install indoor or outdoor.
  • This mobile HVAC can be a cooler, a heater, and a dehumidifier.
  • 24 ton HVAC unit can also handle industrial applications.
  • Optional Accessories: flexible corrugated duct and connecting flange.
  • Solid performer in mid and large size temporary structures.

8 Ton Portable HVAC Units

If you are planning events in a tent or any temporary structure, portable HVAC units will be the best choice for ventilation. Our portable HVAC units sale are specifically designed for outdoor tents, including wedding parties, exhibitions, church meetings, corporate events, etc. As a temporary cooling and heating unit, they’re more energy efficient than permanent air conditioning systems.

Specification (DOWNLOAD)

Cooling Capacity: 29kW / 96000Btu / 8ton Heating Capacity: 38kW / 132000Btu / 11ton
Cooling Air Flow: 5000 m³/h Input Power: 12kW
Input Power: 12 kW EER: 8.23
Noise Level: 60 dB(A) Power Supply: 380V/3N/50Hz
Dehumidification: 180L/24h (20℃, 75% humidity) Application Area: 100 sqm per unit
Dimension (length*width*height): 1750*900*2550 mm Weight: 490 kg

AC-specification-10P hvac

Portable HVAC Unit Features

  • Integrated design makes it start working once power connects.
  • Setting up portable AC and heater totally or partly outside, meeting different requirements.
  • It has three levels of cooling air flow including high, medium and low level.
  • This mobile HVAC unit combines three functions of cooling, heating, dehumidifying.
  • Easy to transport and install.

8 Ton Portable AC Units

Always eco-friendly, portable AC units from Jiejian are designed not only for the harsh environment but also for mild seasons. Its special design can meet your most demanding requirements. You can easily and quickly install our portable air conditioning which operates reliably and accurately. Therefore, these AC units are ideal for high-volume applications, such as exhibition or wedding in a tent.

Specification (DOWNLOAD)

Cooling Capacity: 26kW / 96000Btu / 8ton Power Input: 10kW
Cooling Air Flow: 5600m³/h Condensing Motor Power: 0.55kW
Exhaust ESP: 150Pa Power Supply: 380V/3N/50Hz
Compressor Input: 10HP Weight: 450 kg
Noise Level: 67 dB(A) Dimension (L*W*H): 1700*1050*1100 mm


Portable AC Unit Features

4 Ton Portable Air Conditioners

Based on its portable design, these 4 ton air conditioner portable are popular in outdoor event tent sites, temporary wedding tents, exhibition hall, data centers, construction sites, schools and more. Most of our portable air conditioners for sale work with a standard 380V/3N/50HZ outlet, which can be adjusted according to your local requirement.

Specification (DOWNLOAD)

Cooling Capacity: 13kW / 48000Btu / 4ton Power Input: 5kW
Cooling Air Flow: 2800m³/h Condensing Motor Power: 0.25kW
Exhaust ESP: 150Pa Power Supply: 380V/3N/50Hz
Compressor Input: 5HP Weight: 320 kg
Noise Level: 65 dB(A) Dimension (L*W*H): 1200*1050*1100 mm


Portable Air Conditioner Features

  • Completely portable and ease of delivery, which is ideal for spot cooling and heating applications.
  • Simply rolling into place and setting up in seconds.
  • Premium sound performance making this ac unit extremely quiet.
  • A cost effective mobile cooling system for outdoor events.

2 Ton Split Type Air Conditioners

As an ideal ventilation solution, 2 ton portable split type air conditioners are available for outdoor weddings, exhibitions, festivals, and parties. Therefore, it is perfect for any outdoor tents, especially for smaller tent for less than 100 people. The cooling capacity of 2 ton ac unit is the same as 24000 btu air conditioner.


Cooling Capacity: 7.2kW / 24000Btu / 2ton Heating Capacity: 8.9kW / 30000Btu / 2.5ton
Cooling Air Flow: 1100m³/h Refrigerating Power: 2470W
Heating Power: 3050W Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Noise Level: 35-42 dB(A) Weight: 39kg
Application Area: 32-50 sqm per unit Dimension (length*width*height): 500*296*1721 mm

Split Type Air Conditioner Features

  • Imported motor from USA, accurate temperature control, efficient cooling and heating.
  • The fan will continue to work after turning off in order to self clean.
  • Broad voltage range design, avoiding the impacts of power grid fluctuations.
  • Good safety performance with professional fireproof design.
  • Comfortable and energy-saving.

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