Why Portable Spot Coolers Air Conditioners?

When hosting a outdoor tent event or cooling one spot, portable spot coolers air conditioners are necessary. Why? Central air conditioning is a usual solution for building cooling, which consume lots of energy and cost a lot. However, you are wasting money and energy if you use it for temporary spot cooling. Instead, you should consider using portable air conditions.

Spend Less, Deserve More

You don’t have to spend fortunes installing an air conditioning system to keep your equipment and people comfortable. Portable spot coolers air conditioners are perfect for spot cooling. What’s more, you can move these temporary air conditioners from site to site as your events change. Since it’s easy to move and install, the installation process can save you time and money. These portable ac units operate in a easy way and on a very low noise level. The cooling capacity of our spot coolers range from 2 tons to 30 tons.

Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient

When choosing a portable air conditioning unit, you choose a more eco-friendly option. Everyone involved in the event will appreciate your thoughtful decision. Our ac units operate on a high efficiency performance motor imported from America and use an eco-friendly refrigerant. For some of our portable air conditioners, it combine cooler, heater, and dehumidifier in one unit. Therefore, it’s the best option for commercial spot cooling (and heating) for long term.

If you’re looking for a eco-friendly and energy-efficient spot cooling solution that cost less, just contact us now.