Portable AC Unit Trouble Shooting and Solutions

When you are using portable ac units for event tents, sometime there may be a problem with it. For most of the problems, you can do some common portable ac unit trouble shooting, then you can find an easy solution. In most cases, an airflow restriction or a power issue may cause an air conditioning unit stop working.
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Common Problems with According Solutions

Status Reasons Solutions
Unit not start up after power ON -Phase reversal relay not work.

-Indoor temperature controller improper adjusted.

-Change phase sequence .

-Check the power.

-Adjust indoor controller according to manual.

Low pressure switch notification -Lack of refrigerant or fluorine leak.

-Pressure switch improper adjusted or failed.

-Check out the leakage point and repair it,recharge refrigerant.

-Adjust or change pressure switch

High outlet pressure -Outdoor condenser has dirt

-Excess refrigerant.

-Fan motor fault.

-Clean the condenser.

-Discharge excess refrigerant.

-Repair or change motor

Low outlet pressure -Lack of refrigerant.

-Low environment temperature.

-Recharge refrigerant.
High inlet pressure -Excess fresh air.

-Air duct insulation fails.

-Excess refrigerant.

-Reduce fresh air.

-Repair air duct.

-Discharge excess refrigerant.

Low inlet pressure -Filter clogging.

-Air duct clogging.

-Low fan speed.

-Air way short circuit.

-Lack of refrigerant.

-Clean the filter.

-Clean the blockage.

-Adjust fan speed.

-Modify air way.

-Recharge refrigerant.

Excessive noise -Compressor fault.

-Excess refrigerant.

-Fan system fault.

-Installation screw loose.

-Air way designed improperly.

-Change compressor.

-Discharge excess refrigerant.

-Repair the fan.

-Fastening screw.

-Check the designation.