Why Adding Refrigerant into Mobile Tent AC Unit?

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to healthy and eco-friendly products, especially when purchasing mobile tent AC unit. Everyone knows that air conditioner need to add refrigerant to operate, but what is it and why should we add it?

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Add Refrigerant to Transform

Refrigerant is the medium for transferring heat in space coolers refrigeration systems. The heat can not be effectively exchanged without it. Air conditioning also can not be cooling or heating. Therefore, once lack of fluoride, the mobile tent AC unit will heat and cool poorly, leak water, and shut down. You guests in the event tent may suffer from the high temperature. However, there are some problems you may not find out immediately such as shortening the usage life of the portable cooling unit, wasting electricity, damaging air conditioning compressor. That’s why the refrigerant is a must for a portable cooling system.

Don’t Add Too Much

The reason why portable cooling units can be refrigerated is that the fluoride evaporates to absorb heat to cool down. If there is too much fluoride, it won’t evaporate in connector tube instead of the indoor unit. It can not achieve the cooling effect and shut down. So remember to add the refrigerant but do not add too much.