Tent Air Cooling Solution Makes Your Event Successful

As an article described on the InTents Magazine, the author interviewed event rental companies and tent air conditioning specialists, and concluded two ways for a successful and air conditioned tent event. Here are the available tent air cooling solution:

  • Wall mounted air conditioning units
  • Delivering cool air through duct air conditioning

Tips for Keeping Tent Cool and Warm

The packaged portable cooling and heating system is the newest way for tent environment control.  This air conditioning system combines four functions into one unit, providing cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification. Since the system is so flexible that cool air can be delivered directly or through duct. No matter to cool a small geo dome or a large clear span structure, the packaged air conditioning system is perfect for you.

Communication is very important. When you are hosting a corporate event, an outdoor concert, sporting event or a wedding, you need to communicate with the event planner or tent air conditioning specialist like us. Otherwise you cannot get the tent air cooling solution that will work best. It may be troublesome to tell about all details about the event at the first. We want to know the location of the tent, the number of guests, doors, lighting… So that we can calculate the needed cooling air and recommend a best type tent air conditioner.

So please be patient. When you have to install cooling solution for a special event , please be ready to ask many questions and provide lots of information in order to get the best tent air conditioning solution.